Chef du Jour Program

The Chef du Jour program organizes volunteers to provide dinner 365 days a year to the children who have come to live at the Haven.  Each volunteer delivers a meal for approximately 12 children and 3 caregivers.  Meals don’t need to be elaborate, just nutritious.  


You can cook yourself or maybe with a neighborhood or church group you belong to…you can order a meal from a restaurant to be delivered...or even donate funds to help purchase food. Volunteers can help monthly, bi-monthly or occasionally though the year.

If you would like to make a difference in the lives of these children and be a part of our team of volunteers, please contact one of our coordinators

Haven 1
Tracy Howard
321-536-9393                                                                                                                        See Chef Du Jour Schedule here

Haven 2
Cyndi Stowe

Haven 3
Jeanne Rossi