What Does The Guild Do?


The Lamb Shoppe

The Lamb Shoppe is an upscale thrift shop, located at 1765 South Patrick Drive in Indian Harbour Beach. The shop is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Many hands are needed to complete all the tasks involved in running a small business. But it’s not all work as fun and fellowship are in great abundance!

Raising Funds
The principal fundraiser, The Havenly Affair, takes place in the fall of each year. As with any event, there are many opportunities available to suit anyone’s area of interest.  In addition to guild-sponsored fundraisers, there are others that need helping hands. The Haven Board of Directors sponsors a golf tournament in the spring as well as a 5K run also held in the spring. Both events need willing volunteers.


Chef du Jour
Volunteers provide dinner for the children and staff each and every day. Not only does this service save a lot of money but more importantly, it frees up the staff to provide much-needed hands-on care. Meals do not have to be fancy, just nourishing home cooking.


Help celebrate our special children by providing a birthday cake to the Haven Children at your convenience. Each month you will receive a signup genius email to provide a Birthday Cake for a Haven Child.  The cake can be homemade or store-bought. Please contact, Laura Pitten at abacolala@gmail.com to be added to the signup genius monthly mailing.

Newsletter and Directory
The Haven Guild publishes a quarterly newsletter to inform members, contributors, and community leaders of “Haven Happenings.” Help is needed for editing, printing, and preparation for mailing. Annually a directory is compiled to update membership information.

Holidays, Back to School, and More!
The Guild makes all these important events in the lives of children special. As one volunteer said, “We do all we can to treat each child like one of our own.” The Guild also reaches out to the community on behalf of The Haven children requesting support for summer camp tuition, back-to-school backpacks, and Christmas wish list items.

Education and Advocacy
The Haven Guild provides speakers to various clubs, organizations, and prospective donors. Making the community aware of child abuse issues and our commitment to end the cycle is a goal of the Guild. “Our happiest day would be the day we would have to close our doors because there would no longer be a need.” said one of our members.

The Guild writes grants to various corporations to provide needed funds.  Volunteers familiar with this process are always needed.